Ghost Short Sleeve Tee Limited edition

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Trevor Andrew, also known as Gucci Ghost, is known worldwide for his artwork that seamlessly blends pop art with street style. His collaboration with Gucci put him at the forefront of the fashion world, garnering attention. Since then, he has announced tie ups with fashion and sports brands such as Burton, Reebok, Oakley, as well as artists like Rolling Stones and 2Chainz. Starting with the Spring/Summer 2020 season, Trevor unveiled his very own line – "REAL BUY." We invite you to gaze through his lens, where he effortlessly weaves together “hip” vibes, pop, and art, culminating in pieces that capture the imagination of fashionistas and art lovers world wide.

Trevor Andrew aka Gucci Ghost はポップアートとストリートスタイルを交えた作品を通して全世界に知られている。Gucciとのコラボレーションを筆頭にTrevorはBurton、Reebok、Oakley などのファッション・スポーツブランドやRolling Stonesや2Chainz等のアーティストとの数々のコラボレーションを発表している。
REAL BUYは2020年SSからTrevor自身が立ち上げたファッションブランドで、Trevorの感性でファッションを通じて表現する彼の最新のアート作品といえる。

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¥7,000 tax included